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What is Khushian

We produce our own mithai as an alternative to the
traditional Asian sweets.

There are several box sizes we offer. Please contact
us to discuss your requirements. This product is
suitable for vegetarians.

What is Khushian

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To calculate the price, please enter the number of
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5 x 8 pieces per box: £ 6.00
5 x 12 pieces per box: £ 9.75
5 x 16 pieces per box: £ 13.00


6.00 6.50 8.50 8.20 10.20
5.90 6.20 8.30 8.20 10.20
3.90 4.60 6.20 7.00 7.50
3.70 4.30 5.80 6.50 7.40
3.50 4.00 5.40 6.00 7.00
3.30 3.80 5.10 5.50 6.40
3.30 3.80 5.10 5.50 6.40
3.20 3.60 4.80 5.00 6.20

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

How to order

  • Select the quantity you require
  • Call us on 01782 838347 and have ready the amount
    you require, the date you need them for, your name
    and delivery address and a contact phone number.
  • Relax knowing that your order has been placed
  • If you require further information please call
    01782 838347 or get in contact.

delivery area

Our regular delivery service covers the whole of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland & the Channel Islands)

If you require further information then please
get in contact and we will be happy to discuss your needs
with you.

delivery area
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are you a catering or
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Khushian - Frequently asked questions

How long does a box of Khushian last?

A box of Khushian can last between 2-4 weeks depending on storage.

What is the best storage method for my box of Khushian?

The best way to store your box of Khushian is in a cool dark place, such as a cupboard or if you remove the packaging
you can store the product in tin or plastic tubs as these tend to keep the air out, therefore not drying the product out.
Do not store them in a fridge as this will make the product dry out and change the taste.

Does the product contain nuts?

Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods used.

Can I use my own boxes for Khushian?

Yes, we would be more than willing for you to use your own boxes and are happy for you to contact us to discuss
your requirements.